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Made with love— mini me dresses, for my mini's.

Ever since I started zarc clothing, my two little girls have been my biggest cheerleaders! Always praising me, saying 'Ohhhhhhh, I love that dress' or 'Ooohhh Mummy, you look beautiful!'.

They have been asking me for a while 'When are you going to do zarc for girls, so we can wear it too!?' So I thought, Christmas was the perfect time! A time of happiness and good times, and of course matching outfits! We thought a dress was a great option so we could just throw it on and pair with sandals or some sneakers. The girls helped pick the prints (for the Gia and Flora), which I love!

(pictured, our girls Flora Dress in White Floral with matching Jenni Playsuit in White Floral).

Showing my girls self love and a healthy body image is so important to me. We live in a world where there is so much diversity, and teaching them that everyone is unique and special in their own way is something I strive for every day. I want my girls to empower their friends, to speak up, and for it to be a chain reaction — showing them that beauty comes from within. I want my girls to be strong women that have so much self belief that they can and will, achieve anything they set their minds to! 


(pictured, our girls Gia Dress with matching Mary Dress in Rosy Pink and White Stripe).

Clothing is just a layer to add to this, something that you can put on and it elevates your mood and makes you feel fab. Making size inclusive clothing is my passion and something that I hope helps women feel as amazing as they deserve!