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Ethical Production

Have you ever thought about where your clothes come from?

When starting zarc we found that when it came to factories there were thousands!

Then, when it came to telling them we had a size inclusive range that went to a size 24 there were hundreds. 

When it came to finding a factory that was transparent on everything it was even harder.

It was important to me to find a work place where their staff were treated the way they should be.

So, after finding a factory in India that met all expectations I decided it was time to make the trip there to see for myself.

Liv and I left our children behind to have all our senses awoken to what is India!

Wow! What an eye opener. Rahul who owns the factory came and picked us up from the airport. He was nothing but hospitable while we were there. Once settled in we were able to meet the lovely people who have helped with all things zarc.

It was so nice to meet them all, it’s a small boutique factory so we were able to meet the pattern maker, the sewers, everyone involved in a production.

We could be rest assured that everyone was happy to be working in their space. Whilst in India we were able to visit the fabric market too! Talk about being a kid in a lolly shop!

I’m so glad that I visited the manufacture as I feel like I can imagine what they are all doing when we now have skype meetings and phone calls from them while at the fabric market!

It was after the clothing dream came to life that doing a small run on activewear line seemed necessary! I love Bali and everything about it. It only seemed natural to find somewhere whilst I was visiting. I knew straight away it was meant to be!

The people in the factory were gorgeous and so talented. They were always so happy whenever I have visited. I love the fact that at 12pm everyone stops and goes out for an hour for a lunch break too! They have they cute little carts that come by with all these wonderful little treats packed in little packages.

I can hand on my heart say that when you purchase from zarc everything is ethically produced and as time goes by I’m trying even harder for most of the fabric to be as naturally derived as possible too!